Monday, April 23, 2018

job searching

Oh, I see that I wrote I did not want to work in a corporate environment again, well to an extent that is true, but I have had many jobs since that post. I am again not working. It gets harder each time to keep looking. It's soul destroying and I have a very good resume but what I don't have is youth, you see I'm 57 and a woman and it is harder to land a role where I get paid over about $55 -$60k. I know I should just be grateful and take the damn job even though its boring and so below what I can do.

I did, in fact, do that for about 6 weeks but seriously it was like a sweatshop. A group of underpaid women where working frantically each day for a large corporate business who are making millions. Why should I contribute to the unequal distribution of labour and money against women?

I am feeling very low, some days are ok but I am feeling really bad at the moment. Everything is judged by what you do. Well, I do nothing because I am not working.

I do wonder if I am a bit depressed, Pattie's death is still raw and surreal. Anyway will continue doing this I need an outlet...

Photo by Pattie Williamson

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The future looks great!

Good morning world! Well its almost a week since I left work, this is the first day on my own, and god oh so lovely, so quiet and so still. I have been side tracked to here, just looking at jobs for the first time since I left. I do not want to work full time in a corporate environment again. My plan is to get part time work, go back to study here online to up-skill myself to HTLM5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. I am excited again to finally be moving forward. Seven years in the one job is a long time. I had thought I might make the magic 10 years but the thought of another 3 was not in my best interest for my plans to go out on my own. Did i tell you so freaking excited at what lays ahead. I have no idea, but whatever it is it has to be part time and work with my schedule. I want it to compliment what I do, and it would be great if i could do it from home or be able to have days at home working. It is the digital age now, the internet is everywhere. you'll see more of me now...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Nothing like..

...a crossword to get you thinking in the morning.
Reasons to be cheerful:
The bus
Warmth beside you at night :-)
Warm spring morning

Thursday, September 6, 2012

No battery

No alarm but managed to wake up 1/2 hour later naturally, gives a better start to the day :-)
Reasons to be cheerful
Banana on cereal
Space to think
Beautiful loving sons
Sensual partner

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ice cream

I have a princess among my lodgers. P and I buy the food, my two and P's one all live rent free. I do too much for them. No one claims food in the fridge, not even me. P and I buy it all. Girlfriend one stays often and eats with us regularly and has been around for over a year! You do the math on food bill.
She put some ice cream in the freezer, I replaced them once because I had one and so did O. She bought another pack no one is to eat them. I had one so did O this was over a two week period. She wanted one last night and claims the new pack went in 2 days ago oops no 4... They have a receipt in the car... I feel slightly guilty so I go out at 8.45 pm to replace them. She claims she doesn't care except that they are expensive. A pack of 4 costs $8 so that's $2 each. This from the daughter of a multi millionaire..
Thinking on this I get home M says thanks Clare with a tone of, the others are so bad, this from a boy that takes what he pleases, including all alcohol from the house cause he forgot to go to pub and needed it for a party, not replaced! List is long of these things....
I tell M I am really pissed and ask if gf puts labels on food at home? Yes of course is reply. I tell him there were no ice creams in fridge on Friday, he has receipt but does not even make an effort to find it. I tell him it's not a shared house, there is no claiming of anything, ask him does he replace stuff for things he has taken? No answer ...

Do we really have to go down this path?

She did not even eat one last night!