Thursday, May 16, 2013

The future looks great!

Good morning world! Well its almost a week since I left work, this is the first day on my own, and god oh so lovely, so quiet and so still. I have been side tracked to here, just looking at jobs for the first time since I left. I do not want to work full time in a corporate environment again. My plan is to get part time work, go back to study here online to up-skill myself to HTLM5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. I am excited again to finally be moving forward. Seven years in the one job is a long time. I had thought I might make the magic 10 years but the thought of another 3 was not in my best interest for my plans to go out on my own. Did i tell you so freaking excited at what lays ahead. I have no idea, but whatever it is it has to be part time and work with my schedule. I want it to compliment what I do, and it would be great if i could do it from home or be able to have days at home working. It is the digital age now, the internet is everywhere. you'll see more of me now...

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