Monday, June 18, 2012

2 Births same day different years.

Life does the full circle in our family today, Margot my niece is having a cesarean today. Her second child (boy) will be born on the same day my mother died, a family connection and one which will make that little boy special, I don't think any of us will forget his birthday, just like Judy my sister born a day after mum and my nephew Nathan born a day after Judy's. It is still and will always be a significant day for all of us. Thanks mum for instilling into me your values and giving me the insight to do the same for my boys. They are a product of you and as young men I love and like them both. I have your hands and often look down at them with horror because I use to watch you working with them constantly and hoped I never had hands like yours. Well they are yours and they work as hard, as lovingly and as creatively as your did. When I was in New York just recently and I spend time with Paula she also commented on them as being just like yours. I too have those nodules that are arthritic and damn painful at times. Anyway mother dearest rest in peace and please watch over Margot at the birth of her boy, she if anxious. Please kiss Dad and Declan for me. Love #8 xx PS Once a day till the end of September, that's what I'm trying for....

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